[mythtv-users] Recordings are 5 seconds short

Brian Meehan bmeehan at rescueteam.com
Wed Oct 27 15:02:11 UTC 2004

That might be the way to go. I'm trying to make this as automated as
possible. There is no way at record time for me to know how much time and
from which point in the 30 minute program that they'll need the content
from. They may need a segment from 03:15 - 05:20. This would span the 1st
and 2nd 5 minute chunk, and they'd have to be joined.

Going Chris's way sounds a lot simpler to me (I wouldn't need manual
recordings!), but I'd need a way to automate it. Automatic transcoding is
not an option, since I'm recording MPG2 at the quality I want in the first
place, and the commercials are necessary. Is there a way that I could put
something into Mythweb that would allow a user to enter a stop and start
time and use this Split utility that you are referring to? I found mpgtx at
Sourceforge, but it doesn't look like it supports MPEG2 yet (PVR250). Seems
like most of the tools are Win32.

Thanks to everyone who has responded. BTW, I'm not using pre-roll or
post-roll on these recordings. Good troubleshooting suggestion, though. 

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Ummmm.... why are you doing it that way? Why not break it up into MB chunks
using something like split? Also have you looked at automatic transcoding to
reduce the filesize? Without knowing what how they want to use it, it's hard
to suggest other possibilities but if you need to splice it together anyway,
split might be the way to go.

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