[mythtv-users] HD activity at begining of recording

John Kuhn kuhn at razorsys.com
Wed Oct 27 14:38:48 UTC 2004

possible your running out of ram and its swapping?

I would record a show or 2 to your local hdd and see if the problem is 
still there...


James Orr wrote:

>Help!  This is seriously lowering the WAF!
>At the begining of every recording there is a few seconds of heavy hard
>drive activity.  What's the big deal you may ask?  Well, this activity
>results in the recording either freezing at that point or skipping a few
>seconds when playing back.
>It seems to always happen about one minute into the recording.
>This didn't happen in 0.15, only started in 0.16.  I don't want to roll
>back because 0.16 doesn't give the occaisional green tinted recording
>like 0.15 did and is also better at changing channels when watching live
>About my system:
>Kernel 2.6.7
>bttv video capture card
>Recordings directory is mounted via NFS
>Would upgrading to 2.6.9 kernel help?
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