[mythtv-users] Observations - Delete recordings not freeing disk space

Ryan Steffes rbsteffes at gmail.com
Wed Oct 27 13:31:07 UTC 2004

On Wed, 27 Oct 2004 08:12:18 -0500, Michael J. Lynch <mlynch at gcom.com> wrote:
> A week or two ago there was a thread concerning deletion of recordings
> not freeing
> up disk space that I followed because I noticed some strange things
> going on with
> delete recordings.  I've made several observations since then that I'd
> like to share in
> the hopes that it may shed some light on what the problem may be.  I
> don't know if
> any of my observations are directly related to the problem or are
> completely different
> problems.
> First, my set up is a combination BE/FE machine with the recordings
> stored on an
> NFS share from a RH8 machine.  Myth 0.16 is running on FC1.  All
> installed using
> Jarod's guide.  My NFS server and client setup is as per the
> instructions from the Myth
> docs.
> All of my observations concern the "delete recordings" screen.
> First, when I delete a recording, the display of the amount of disk
> space available
> does not update unless I leave the "delete recordings" screen and then
> return.  However,
> the amount of disk space available only changes by a fraction of the
> size of the
> recording that was deleted.  E.G.  Deleting a 3.9 G recording results in
> only 2.5 G of
> disk space being freed (by Myth's indication).  If I use "df" the amount
> free'd is
> actually the 3.9 G.
> My second observation concerns when the last recording is deleted.  Like
> my first
> observation, update of the free space on the delete recordings screen
> does not occur
> until I leave then return to the "delete recordings" screen.
> Additionally, after deleting
> the last recording, it is still listed in the list of available
> recordings until I leave
> then return to the "delete recordings" screen.  Unlike the first
> observation, the amount
> of disk space made available is greater than the size of the recording
> that was deleted.
> My third and last observation is that in all cases, the amount and
> percentage of disk
> space available displayed in the "delete recordings" screen does not
> match what "df"
> tells me is available.  It appears to be off by 2 G, or about 10% (small
> share).
> Has anyone else who is experiencing the "failure to free disk space"
> problem noticed
> strange behaviour like what I've described?  The problem doesn't concern
> me much
> because other than not reporting the correct amount of space available,
> this problem
> isn't causing me any problems.  I just wanted to get my observations out
> here in the
> hopes that they may be helpful in tracking down the problem.

I started out about to ask you if you were using "df" or "df -H" but
right when I was going to ask I noticed that the the status page on
mythweb isn't reporting EITHER number to me!

Machine information
Disk Usage:

    * Total Space: 149,722 MB
    * Space Used: 108,073 MB
    * Space Free: 41,649 MB

This machine's load average:

    * 1 Minute: 3.62
    * 5 Minutes: 3.57
    * 15 Minutes: 2.98

mythtv:/home/video    155G   98G   49G  67% /home/video

df -H
mythtv:/home/video     166G   105G    53G  67% /home/video

Anyone know off the top of their head?

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