[mythtv-users] License

Asciimonster asciimonster at myrealbox.com
Wed Oct 27 13:02:28 UTC 2004

jman at neonramp.com wrote:

>With a complete install of Mythtv on FC-2 are there any license considerations that are outside the scope of GNUGPL that would require action if I were to build a system and sell it to a company?
You should check hardware. It should be stated in the README's of the 
modules (drivers). Most of them are also (GNU)GPL, but some have 
restricions. For instance, the Linuxant modules 
(http://www.linuxant.com/ , for Connexant-compatible modems, which is 
nearly 90% of all the PCI modems you can buy here in the Netherlands) is 
not under the GPL, and for an un-castrated module you have to pay $20 
(about as much as the darned thing costs) or so, while the Windows 
drivers are free... :-(

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