[mythtv-users] Adding non-nuv files or downloaded files to therecordings screen

Benjamin Carlisle bcarlisle at 24oz.com
Tue Oct 26 20:53:22 UTC 2004

I think, as a general rule of thumb, the idea is to add those types of
things to the 'Videos' instead of 'Recordings'. At least that's what I did.
To do this, place them in the MythTV videos directory. The problem is that
they show up with no thumbnail.

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> I've searched high and low in this archive for about a week 
> now, and am still unable to figure out how to add 
> pre-downloaded programs and shows to the recordings window?!?!
> Does anyone out there have any suggestions?  or even a link 
> of an example?
> Sorry if this has been posted to the list lots in old posts, 
> but the help would still be apreciated.
> -----------------
> Presently setting up MythTV in a non-production environment 
> to get a hang of it before I build my dream Myth system.  
> Working right now without a TV card (yeah, no live broadcasts 
> yet for me.. want to get a handle of everything else I want 
> to do before adding the tv function.

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