[mythtv-users] TV-Home anyone ?

Gert van der Knokke gertk at xs4all.nl
Tue Oct 26 19:44:56 UTC 2004

Mark Wormgoor wrote:

>After a quick google, the Siemens does both QAM64 and QAM128, although
>reception quality in QAM128 is supposedly not too good.
>So, if the card is complete, you just plugin your smartcard and you should
>be able to watch.
Alas, the Siemens system does not have the original software (and thus 
the smartcard reader is not active) so I have been fiddling with Windows 
98 and Linux on that box but sofar I had no luck. Scanning for channels 
with the DVB-PCI software from Siemens doesn't find any channels.
When I manually put in a known frequency, the status line show 'good 
signal' and after some time 'worse signal' or even 'no signal', then 
suddenly it is 'good signal' again and this repeats endlessly.. All with 
a blank screen... I searched on the Panasonic site and googled for 
specifications of the receiver/decoder but nothing is revealed.
Could be that Essent is not broadcasting any channels in FTA mode (I 
guess that is what I should be able to receive), but haven't found any 
information on how and what is transmitted on the cable (no frequency 
list, program ID codes and such)
I'll try to borrow our demo smartcard and receiver/decoder from work 
this weekend, maybe I can find out some more. 

Would be a shame if I had to buy a decoder/receiver to receive digital 
tv and then have to feed that (analog output) into a capture card to be 
digitized again..


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