[mythtv-users] Slovenian translation

eRik erik.robnik at gaudeamus.si
Tue Oct 26 16:04:36 UTC 2004

David George wrote:

> On 10/26/2004 9:20 AM, eRik Robnik wrote:
>> Hello!
>> I'm from Slovenia and would like to translate MythTV to Slovenian 
>> language!!
>> Have allready translate mythfrontend, mathgallery, mythdvd and have 
>> saved those files (i18n.pro, translate.pro, myth...si.qm and 
>> myth...si.ts)!!
>> But can someone tell me who should I send this files to????
>> Cause I would be happy to se my translation in next release
>> Please help
> Attach the files in an email to mythtv-dev at mythtv.org with a subject 
> something like: "[PATCH] add Slovenian translation".  If the files are 
> going to be larger than 40k use tar and gzip (or bzip2).  If the 
> compressed attachment is still larger than about 25k you will need to 
> put it on a web site somewhere and post a link to the dev list.  You 
> will need to subscribe to the dev list before posting so that the 
> message will get through.
> Also, don't create a new message by replying to a previous message.  
> It messes with the archives and those that use threaded mail readers.  
> Some people may not even notice your message because it is in a thread 
> they aren't interested in and reading.
> -- 
> David
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Thank you for this, I'll try to make it hapen!!
Didn't know that 'bout mails I hope that this one is OK...

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