[mythtv-users] Kernel 2.6 Confuses Recording State???

Brett Jones ivtv-myth at brettjones.com
Tue Oct 26 03:48:19 UTC 2004

I've been using Mythtv for over a year.  I recently upgraded to kernel 
2.6.  I had held off due to lirc, ivtv, and nvidia complications, and 
these seem resolved.  The new system seems much better: the video is 
much smoother, and many video artifacts are no longer seen.

But a new problem now is causing me headaches.  The system frequently 
seems to be stuck in the recording state.  This causes me to miss 
recordings, and I'm unable to watch live TV.  All inputs are said to be 
busy, but no recordings are indicated as in progress in the view 
recordings screen.  I only have one card (PVR-250).  If I restart the 
backend, things work beautifully - for a while.  Eventually, at the end 
of a recording it seems to leave the backend in the recording state.

I'm using release-0-16 from the cvs server.  The exact same code was 
working fine before I upgraded my kernel (and nvidia video driver and 
ivtv driver and lirc). 

Can anyone help me track this down?  I can get around the code fairly 
well, but don't know it inside and out.



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