[mythtv-users] Benefits of a second card

Scott Elliott selliott at insight.rr.com
Mon Oct 25 21:17:29 UTC 2004

On Mon, 2004-10-25 at 09:07, Ciaran wrote:
> Both cards work, I can record on one, whilst watching the other.  Both
> cards are setup in the setup (both sharing the same 'source' as they
> see the same aerial) .

What do you mean, watching the other?  Are you watching live TV, while
one is recording another show?  If that's the case, then Myth should be
able to record two shows at once.  Can you do PIP?

> Its as though the scheduler doesn't realise I have 2 cards :(  I just
> figured this was a known issue ?

I suppose it's possible that:

Multiple sources could be defined with no overlapping channels?  Seems

The backend hasn't been restarted since the second card was defined? 
Also unlikely, especially if the live/record or PIP scenarios work.

I'd suggest shutting down the frontend & backend, and re-run the setup
program to check the card configuration.  Don't delete any existing
configuration when asked.  Then restart everything.

Scott Elliott <selliott at insight.rr.com>

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