[mythtv-users] changing channels

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Mon Oct 25 20:44:41 UTC 2004

> I encountered a similar error within MythTV. The source of my problem was
> that I have a second tuner card (bttv based) which was loaded last, and
> it's tuner settings screwed up the other card's tuner settings.
> I haven't figured out how to solve this yet, but for now I just don't load
> the tuner information for the second card.

>From the ivtv ML, I know you're using the 0.2.0rc series, sschaefer, so to
specify autodetection, just use a tuner type of -1.  For example, since
your PVR-350 is loaded first, you would use the options:

options tuner type=-1,<bttv tuner type>

Or, even better, most of the recent v4l drivers (including both ivtv and
bttv) allow you to specify the tuner type as an option to the driver (as a
matter of fact, specifying options to the tuner module is deprecated), so
you can use

options bttv tuner=<bttv tuner type>

and it won't affect the ivtv tuner type.  This is the preferred approach.

The only time anyone should need to use a -1 to specify autodetect is if
he/she is using ivtv with PVR-x50's and M179's.  Since the M179's don't
have autodetection support, the options line would be:

options ivtv tuner=-1,<M179 tuner type>

(assuming your PVR-x50 is the first card).


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