[mythtv-users] mythtranscode results in 15GB files

Shawn Leas core at enodev.com
Mon Oct 25 18:51:29 UTC 2004

I use 480x480 in all my recordings.

This sounds like an issue that other folks seem to encounter. I'd love to
track this down, so the next time it happens for anyone I'm hoping we can
figure out how to mythtranscode manually, maybe with some added debug in
the code, and get some insight.

Isaac, can you help with this by giving some form of advice or instruction?

On Mon, October 25, 2004 1:31 am, Lachlan McIntosh said:
> i've had major trouble with capture sizes other than 480x480 (even with
> PAL)
> large transcode file sizes & segfaults
> you may want to check it.

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