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Chris Brodie Chris.Brodie at macquarie.com
Mon Oct 25 05:08:16 UTC 2004

First post here...

I'm looking at buying the parts needed for my first MythTV system and I
thought I'd run the hardware list by you guys prior to blowing my cash
on something that has known problems or perhaps doesn't do what I think
it does. I hate to come in asking question so raw on this topic but
until I have the kit I can't really start learning more about how to
operate this kind of stuff.

I've researched this for a while across various sites so hopefully I'm
not too far off:

-Silverstone LC-04 case (Best looking case I could find.). 2 PCI slots
only though riser.

-Albatron KM-18g Motherboard. It has onboard Network, Video, TV, Audio
(just AC97 but I only have TV speakers right now).

-AMD Semperon 2400. Cheapest processor I could find for above board. I
may even be able to underclock it.

-Seagate 200gb 7200.7. The quietest 'big disk' I could find.

-Leadtek Winfast 2000XP. Leadtek site says it does encoding in a
roundabout way. This card was exceeding cheap so I REALLY want to make
sure it does hardware encoding before I continue.

-IR port? No idea. I was sort of thinking that I'd drill a hole in the
front of the case and stick the IR in that but I haven't looked in to
anything IR yet. I guess I'm hoping I can find something that I could
plug right in to the board rather than running a cable out the back and
in to the serial port. How do you guys do it?

Does anyone have any comments?

Many thanks,


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