[mythtv-users] AC3 passthrough still doesn't work.

James Armstrong james at thearmstrongs.org
Mon Oct 25 00:50:39 UTC 2004

Bo Najdrovsky wrote:

> Well, I've made quite a bit of progress on my HD2000 based MythTV box, 
> but there is one last remaining nagging issue, and that's the fact 
> that the AC3 passthrough does not work in mythfrontend.  I'm able to 
> play the recorded .nuv files with mplayer, and the AC3 passthrough 
> works fine with that program when I use the command line option -ao 
> alsa:device=spdif    This fact confirmed for me that my hardware is 
> not at fault, but the bug must be in Myth.  I went and recompiled 
> MythTV 0.16 to make sure that ALSA output is enabled, restarted 
> everything and put ALSA:spdif into the audio device field in front end 
> configuration, but the results are the same as with OSS... I hear 
> about quarter second of audio, and then silence.  I'm guessing that 
> perhaps mythfrontend isn't setting up the SPDIF port correctly.  Any 
> ideas?
I have the same problem, especially with ABC. You might want to try the 
patch I did that makes watching these easier with mplayer. It adds a 
menu option to the playback menu to view in an external player. It uses 
the Default Video Playback player in setup to play the files.


- James

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