[mythtv-users] nuvexport question

Rudy Zijlstra mythtv at edsons.demon.nl
Mon Oct 25 00:01:44 UTC 2004


I'm trying to get nuvexport working.

The recording to be exported has a cutlist. The result i get is that 
something is cut, but not the commercials i wanted to cut. Output from 

Choose a function, or episode(s) to remove:  c
Where would you like to export the files to? [.]

Now encoding:  An ideal husband:  Untitled
Encode started:  Sun Oct 24 16:02:46 2004
mpeg2cut v1.6
Using mode Xvfb
Filename "/var/mythstorage/7_20040613205600_20040613230500.nuv"
OutFile "./An ideal husband.mpg"
Last GOP index 15454
Cutlist "11353-36601 45605-86303 95845-126943 136757-"
Finding the AV Offset to use with lvemux: -39
Finding framerate: 25.000
Last Frame 185448
Cutting out commercials with avidemux2
Remultiplexing video
GOP timestamps will be rebuild  

video stream type mpeg detected
- size (720x576)
- aspect ratio (4:3)
- framerate (25.000 Hz)
- bitrate (6000000 bps)
- picture structure (frames)

audio stream type (MP2) detected
- sample rate (48000 Hz)
- bitrate (384000 bps)
- frame size (1152 bytes)

audio shift (-39) ms, A/V start (81/120) ms

(145701) frames processed - done !
Cleaning up

Encode finished:  Sun Oct 24 16:13:22 2004
Encode lasted: 10m 36s

Any sugggestions?



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