[mythtv-users] The Ultimate Myth Setup

Neil Davidson lists at backslash.co.uk
Sun Oct 24 23:51:54 UTC 2004

If it was me, I would just plan on pulling the epias when you need something
more powerful (when and if the UK goes for HDTV, I'm certainly not holding
my breath) on the TV front ends. By that time they could find homes as other
front ends or as spares for the remaining non-TV/non-HDTV front ends.

Another thought, when HDTV does come out over here, will all the screens
really need to take advantage of it?  would it be possible to limit those
channels to the main TV in the living room and have a large real PC hidden
away specifically for the decoding of them? Again, remember that when we do
get HDTV it is going to be digital so you don't have to worry about the
backend encoding the stream, that just gets dumped to disk.

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that's interesting - all that cpu time just on decoding?
as this is in the uk, we don't have hdtv yet so it's not an immediate
concern, but i do think it is worth getting right.

so this is now getting complicated - i have to have a  hefty pc at the
front and back end...which brings noise issues....
unless i can just retrofit a new graphics card with an hdtv mpeg2
accelerator in it in a couple of years...and keep the epias...

does that make sense?

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