[mythtv-users] Hardware for Best TV-Out?

Boleslaw Ciesielski bolek-mythtv at curl.com
Sun Oct 24 23:02:37 UTC 2004

Joe Votour wrote:
> 2. PVR-350
> Pros:
> The picture quality is outstanding!  Just as good as
> the TV.  No jitters on the CNN ticker, sports have no
> problem at all.
> Cons:
> The screen runs at 720x480, so the X screen is a bit
> messed up (some portions aren't shown, due to
> overscan(?)).  I can fix this by changing my window
> manager and setting the GUI size options, but then the
> OSD/program guide still don't really fit.

The OSD/EPG issue is fixable. Look for Overscan/Underscan percentage and 
displacement in Setup->TV Settings->Playback

I get the best results without window manager (or with ratpoison which 
runs everything full screen) and adjusting the GUI size and the above 
Overscan settings within myth. I also uncheck "run frontend in a window" 
and disable all other applications, clocks, desktop managers etc.


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