[mythtv-users] The Ultimate Myth Setup

Robbie Hughes spam at dynsysgroup.com
Sun Oct 24 13:30:01 UTC 2004

Hey list, after googling around I've not been able to find any
description of what I would describe as a dream setup.
I've built a few myth boxes before, but I've been handed a challenge and
I wanted some advice and I thought you guys might have some neat ideas.
I have a friend who has recently bought a house and has given me the
goal of designing a system where he has access to everything in every
room whenever he likes. It is an english georgian house and everything
is getting gutted. This allows me to put in Gigabit Cat5 everywhere and
this will all go to a central point in the basement where his ADSL will
come in, and his technology centre will be.

There will be a need for at least four flatscreens for tv, as well as
music in the kitchen, study and library. There will be satellite, but
never more than two people watching at once.

So, with no regard for budget, and a Gigabit LAN to work with, what
would be the /Ultimate/ home entertainment setup?

My initial thoughts are 9"LCD touchscreens for the music rooms, and Hush
boxes for the TV rooms all driven by twin Xeon with Terabyte RAID and
two tuner cards under the stairs.
Is this appropriate? Can you do better? Will this fulfill the brief of
'everything everywhere'?

(Incidentally, I am aware of the B&O offerings, but while they look very
good, the quality of their TV's in particular is not worth the cost and
the cabling is going to be CAT5 come what may. besides, it seems such an
opportunity to make something very special.

What do you think??

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