[mythtv-users] xbox + mythv

anders smith anders at smiths.dk
Sun Oct 24 12:04:39 UTC 2004

the only onebox solution that can compete for size with the xbox is one 
based on a via epia mb with a tuner card.

I've been one of these combined front/backend solutions on the via epia 
m10000 board with a pvr250 tuner card and it has been working really 
I currently in the process of switching to separate front and backends 
so I can run multiple front ends and for that I'll be using xboxes as 
well for front ends.  This is looking good so far with just one xobox 
running off the existing myth unit I have.


On Oct 24, 2004, at 10:27 AM, patrik wrote:

> hi everyone.
> i have a question .. i am trying to achive a one box option...
> i would like to run mythv on a xbox using Xebian - and i also would 
> like
> to achive a connection between my cable tv and the xbox and then out to
> my home theater and tv.
> is the only option for me to have a additional pc between cabel
> /sattelite dish and the xbox ?
> trying to achive a one box solution ;)
> //alucard
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