[mythtv-users] Problem with TV_grab_au 0.6

Damon Searle djsearle at netspace.net.au
Sun Oct 24 03:24:24 UTC 2004

A friend who uses a windows grabber called tvharvest sent me the link to it
It turns out it uses ninemsn as its source and generates files similar to
the xmltv grabbers. I did a find/replace and changed a few things to
generate a file that's useable with mythtv and contains 7 days worth of
Canberra listings. I've uploaded it here:

Just extract it and run:
 	mythfilldatabase --file 1 7 listings.xml

I've started work on a grabber to use the ninemsn listings with MythTV, but
it doesn't work too well at the moment. I've also tried running tvharvest
under mono, and it throws an exception immediately. Hopefully the d1
listings will come back, but I'll continue looking at these two options as a

- Damon

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> Noooo,
> I've run out of metadata as of today :(
> Browsing around the various online tv-guide providers (seven, ninemsn,
> tvweek, etc). It seems that they all buy their content from:
> http://www.hww.com.au/
> In fact they are a pretty thin wrapper around hww. You can see that all
> the program and location id's used in http queries are the same between
> most these sites!! hww seem to be the definitive source, a solution from
> them would be very nice to have.
> I have just sent hww an email asking if they wish to provide any
> machine-readable content to our 'not-for-profit' community for free. I'm
> not holding my breath though.
> As far as the guide websites go, seven looks like it would be the
> easiest to parse html wise. I could have a crack at it if you like. Does
> anyone know what the problem with d1 is?? Is everyone happy with d1 in
> general (when it works). BTW, I wonder where they get their content from
> if not hww? It would be a fairly large effort to maintain themselves.
> Dave
> On Sat, 2004-10-23 at 20:44 +1000, Hamish Moffatt wrote:
> > On Sat, Oct 23, 2004 at 11:28:25AM +1000, Rob Hillis wrote:
> > > tv_grab_au 0.6 already uses d1.com.au as it's source.  Usually the
> > > "problem" is with D1 not having complete data for all areas.
> > >
> > > By all means, try contacting D1 - I know they've been asking for
> > > volunteers with DVB cards to provide them with EPG data from various
> > > locations around the country.  At least one person from D1 reads this
> > > forum, as I've heard from them in the past.
> >
> > Their data seems to be a bit stale unfortunately. Channel 10 have
> > changed tonight's schedule as of last Thursday or so, but d1.com.au
> > still has the old data. (The Shield is on at 11:45pm rather than
> > 10:30pm, as the regular shows before it were replaced by movies.)
> >
> > It's great to have a legitimate source, but wrong data isn't
> > very useful.
> >
> > Hamish
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