[mythtv-users] Infrared controllers

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Sat Oct 23 22:49:54 UTC 2004

Tony Engeham wrote:

> I've got a Hauppauge 350 card with infrared receiver, but I also wanted
> to control a Cable box with infrared receiver so I put some hardware
> together to transmit infrared by waggling DTR on the serial port.
> Having had a cursory look at lirc it doesn't appear to support receiving
> and transmitting using different hardware.  This means that I'm now left
> with 3 options:
> 1) Build a serial receiver
> 2) Fix LIRC to allow transmit and receive on different bits of hardware

This is what I've done.

> 3) Write my own transmitter
> I can't believe I'm the only one to have attempted to do this.  How does
> everyone else implement the reception of a remote control and
> transmission to a cable box?

I'm using an ATI Remote Wonder (RF) with LIRC to control my Myth box and 
the LIRC "improved transmitter" to control my Dish receivers, 
Audio/Video Receiver, and VCR (which are all in a different room from my 
TV/speakers.  I configured LIRC as described 
(you cold use this procedure for other devices/remotes--just change the 
lircd.conf as appropriate).  It works great.


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