[mythtv-users] Occasional subtitles not shown

john roberts homepagez at lycos.com
Sat Oct 23 15:39:55 UTC 2004

Well - I seem to be suffering from the "Occasional subtitles" not showing issue.  I've read thru the archives and it seems other have seen this - while others have not.

Interesting thing - I have two myth boxes (backend/frontend combo and a frontend).  The back/frontend box will not show the occasional subtitles shown in movies like Kill Bill.  BUT - the frontend only box will.

They are both usign the same version of mythtv and are both using Gentoo distro's (built 95% the same - if not 100%).  Here are the spec's - any idea why this would happen on one myth box and not the other?

- P4 2.6G HT
- FX5500 Nvidia card
- PVR-250
- pcHDTV
- Sony DVD/CD player
- Gentoo
- Latest CVS build of 0.16

- P3 1G
- MX440
- Sone DVD/CD player
- Gentoo
- Latest CVS build of 0.16

BTW - they both are using XINE to play DVD's.

Weird isn't it?


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