[mythtv-users] Help with nfs and iso mounting

David Muench dave at wasteland.org
Fri Oct 22 20:32:18 UTC 2004

> I've got mythtv running, so I thought I'd get the kid's DVDs going
> before I moved on.  There are two machines involved, one with all my DVD
> ISO images on it (bigserver), and the other where Myth is running
> (mythtvmbe).  I've exported the file system that I want to mount from
> bigserver and I'm able to mount the file system on mthtvmbe.  When I try
> to mount an ISO from big server on mythtvmbe, I get a permission denied.
>  The permissions on the file system (it's /video on bigserver) are 755
> from the root drive all the way down.

Are you trying to mount the ISO files as loopback devices?

Last time I tried, the loop device won't mount a file that is a remote NFS


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