[mythtv-users] Best TV-Out Support

PAUL WILLIAMSON pwilliamson at mandtbank.com
Fri Oct 22 19:20:21 UTC 2004

>>> asciimonster at myrealbox.com 10/22/04 6:33 AM >>>
>3. A TV-Card with intergrated TV-Out, such as the Hauppauge PVR 350. (I

>have one so I'm a bit biased)
>Advantages: Good image quality, bypasses monitor completely, so no
>Disadvantages: Expensive (think $200-300 per card), Set-up is still 
>fiddelly (good HOWTO's are available & will get better ;-) )

And if you want to game at all, fahgettaboudit!  I tried a 
350, and while video was great, gaming was completely unplayable.

Not sure about the mpeg-4 abilities, but unsurpassed with mpeg-2.
I sold it a while back to a guy who loves it.  He doesn't use it with 
Myth however, so it was a sad day to see it go into a windows box :-(


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