[mythtv-users]WAF question: dealing with crashes

Yan-Fa Li yanfali at best.com
Thu Oct 21 20:00:21 UTC 2004

Not being helpful, just brings that old joke to mind:

	Patient: Dr Dr, my arm hurts whenever I raise it like this.
	Dr: then don't.

Incidentally I was getting crashes when using Commercial skipping in the 
backend, seemed to depend on the options I used, so I turned it off. 
Not very helpful to Isaac I know, but my wife appreciated it and it's 
been stable ever since.  I only use transcode when I'm looking to save 
some disc space because I don't have time to watch something right now.

I'm waiting for next stable release to fix the deleted/transcoded 
recording disk space when not using NFS issue, but so far I'm as happy 
as a pig in mud.

Incidentally, I use the "start X and myth from inittab" technique.  If 
the front end crashes for whatever reason it restarts itself 
automatically.  If it hangs I just CTRL+ALT+BACKSPACE myself back into 
business.  It's back up in 5-10 seconds.  Also using a Liteon IR 
keyboard which means, I can actually hit those keys.  Wife doesn't seem 
to mind too much.


Ryan Steffes wrote:

>>Do I hear a volunteer?
> I'd be happy to, when I figure out how to get MY machine to stop
> locking up.  It's killing me that autotranscodes seem to lock it, but
> hitting "x" to transcode doesn't.  I can't figure out what the
> difference is.

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