[mythtv-users] CAM initialised but nothing returned

Per Åge Sørvik peraage at leneogperaage.com
Thu Oct 21 19:56:49 UTC 2004

Martin Ebner wrote:

>when i try to tune to an encrypted channel on my TT Budget CI card i get
>the follwing:
>2004-10-21 20:01:35 DVB#0 CAM - Cached PMT found.
>Found CA Descriptor (CASID=1762, CAPID=E065)
>Found CA Descriptor (CASID=0D05, CAPID=E0C9)
>Adding CA Descriptor (CASID=0D05, CAPID=E0C9)
>Found CA Descriptor (CASID=1702, CAPID=E12D)
>Found CA Descriptor (CASID=1801, CAPID=E191)
>2004-10-21 20:01:35 DVB#0 CAM - Sending PMT to slot 0.
>2004-10-21 20:01:51 Couldn't read data from the capture card in 15
>seconds.  Game over, man.
This is almost exactly the same problem as I'm having. I'm running the 
drivers from kernel 2.6.9 with mythtv 0.16. Unencrypted channels works fine.



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