[mythtv-users] Mailing List Issues

JMK jmk at foofus.net
Thu Oct 21 19:08:22 UTC 2004


I'm having some issues with the mythtv mailing lists for the past few
days and wanted to see if others were having similar problems. I am
receiving multiple copies (5-12) for most emails to the list. Some
emails come through only once, but others vary.

I've unsubscribed and subscribed a new address, but the problem
continues. Looking at the headers, it looks to me like the
www.mythtv.org host is sending multiple copies each around 4 minutes

Received:  from mythtv.org (HELO www.mythtv.org) ([])
(envelope-sender <mythtv-users-bounces at mythtv.org>) by
sohomail1.binc.net (qmail-ldap-1.03) with SMTP for <jmk at foofus.net>; 21
Oct 2004 19:01:28 -0000

Are others having the same problem? Just trying to figure out if it's my
end or the mythtv mail server.


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