[mythtv-users] Re: Dual Output on Frontend - questions and ideas

Isaac Richards ijr at po.cwru.edu
Thu Oct 21 17:34:23 UTC 2004

On Thursday 21 October 2004 01:08 pm, Jelle wrote:
> On Thu, 21 Oct 2004 12:18:29 -0400, Tom Dombrosky wrote:
> > I think you'll run into problems unless you have all the same
> > configuration settings in the database.  The database stores values based
> > on a system's hostname so if you're using the same computer, the values
> > will have to be equal.
> Shouldn't it be an easy enough solution to change myth to store them based
> on the system's hostname plus the X11 display ("echo $DISPLAY" -> :0, :1,
> etc). Multiple heads on a single host would have different X11 displays.
> I'd been trying to setup a second head using a Xvnc server, mainly for
> accessing the UI (schedule/search/delete shows) from another pc while
> watching a show on the tvout of the htpc, but I ran into issues related to
> these 'shared configuration' entries.

There's really no need for that - just run it as a different user.  You can 
override the hostname Myth thinks it's running on with a copy of the 
mysql.txt file (from <prefix>/share/mythtv/) stashed in the user's ~/.mythtv/ 


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