[mythtv-users] Which remote control are you using?

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Thu Oct 21 16:32:06 UTC 2004

Jason Slaughter wrote:

> I'm looking for a remote control to use with MythTV, but I'm not 
> having much luck. I've searched various sites, including the MythTV 
> hardware database, but most people seem to gloss over what kind of 
> remote they're using.
> I have the remote that came with my ASUS TV/FM card, but unfortunately 
> it shows up to Linux as a keyboard, and the keyboard mappings (which 
> aren't just simple mappings--they include meta keys) cannot be 
> re-mapped. It's also not the greatest remote to begin with.
> So what remote are you using with MythTV? Are you using something that 
> came with a TV Tuner card, or one that can be purchased separately? 
> Which commercially-available remotes work well with lirc?

I'm using my regular all for one universal remote for my TV.  For the IR 
receiver I had bought a Streamzap remote control in the past and I'm 
using that USB IR receiver.


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