[mythtv-users] Re: mythfilldatabase for people outside the zone for the internal grabber

James Timberlake timberlake_james at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 21 15:05:32 UTC 2004

mythfilldatabase checks your .xml file for the string 
'http://labs.zap2it.com/' at the top of your .xml file and spits out 
that internal grabber error if it finds it.

my situation is a bit different. i live in the US, but don't have an 
internet connection where my box is. i download the listings elsewhere 
using the win32 tv_grab_na_dd and transfer the .xml file to the box. my 
channel id's in my mysql database didnt match the id's in the xml file 
(the initial setup used the internal grabber). instead of "22116" for a 
channel id, my xml file had "I22116.labs.zap2it.com". i created a .vbs 
file (windows script) to parse my .xml file i download weekly to replace 
the 'http://labs.zap2it.com/' string and strip the leading "I" and 
tailing ".labs.zap2it.com" from each.

with those two hacks, my file imports fine using:
$ mythfilldatabase 1 -1 file.xml
i get some duplicate type errors, but haven't had a problem yet.

in summary
-replace the URL at the top of you xml file with anything
-check your channel id's in your channel table and see if it differs 
from the channel id's in your .xml file

>>Hi All,
>>I'm wondering if someone can help me.  I currently live in the Caribbean and
>>I've cobbled together (via five different sets of listings, and then an hour
>>of hand mapping channels and downloading icons) a complete guide grabber and
>>icon/channel map for my area.  At home I run Myth .14 with it and it works
>>I am building up a new machine for someone and to my horror I've discovered
>>I can't import from a file with .16 any more.
>>When I run:
>>$ mythfilldatabase --file 1 0 Listings.xml
>>It thinks for a while then says:
>>Don't use tv_grab_na_dd, use the internal datadirect grabber.
>>Well, I'd love to use the internal grabbed but my cableco isn't supported,
>>thus all the other work I've done.  Is there a flag I can set to over ride
>>this and read my listings from a file as I've always done?  I hope someone
>>can help.
>>PS - I did search gossamer and read the related postings but I didn't find
>>anyone in quite the same boat as me.
>Well I am sort of in the same boat as you. As I live in South Africa
>there are also no XML listings provided by our TV/DSTV providers. Of
>course there are people who have "made a plan" and have provided XML
>files for download that contain all the TV guides.
>Weekly, I download the XML file and load it into the database manually
>using mythfilldatabase, like so;
>  mythfilldatabase --file 1 -1 /tmp/ZA-XMLTV.xml 
>Now this works without a hitch for me so I can only think that
>mythfilldatabase is checking the actual content of your XML file and
>finds something that tells it that the XML data is from the
>tv_grab_na_dd program. If you want I can send you a sample of the XML
>file I use so you can look to see what is different.

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