[mythtv-users] Straighten me out here?

j2 spamfilter2 at mupp.net
Thu Oct 21 12:44:10 UTC 2004

>I noticed later you have a 900GB system which
> if it's running linux, you could always use NTFS for the video.

NTFS? Uhm, do you mean NFS? Or am i missing something here? (Yes, it is a 
Linux box).

Acutall my plan is to record to the 60GB and then move it of to another 
server (or burn to DVD) if i want to keep the show.

> PVR-350 is a good choice if you aren't planning on getting a video
> card but beware, it will probably max out your CPU if you try and play
> anything other than mpeg2 video. (The tv it captures is mpeg2) If this
> is a concern, get a PVR-250 and a video card.

Ah, but if all i want to do is play what i recorded with MythTV, it isnt an 
But, what if i want to watch DVD's as well, then it isnt a good choise?

> lirc works well and integrates well with mythtv. The IR reciever that
> comes with the PVR-250/350 works well. I got the PVR-250MCE which
> doesn't have one and built a serial IR reciever for ~$10.

I was more thinking that i want MytTV to control my set top box for 

> There are some people working on a windows frontend. Last I checked it
> wasn't very stable yet. Another option is to use knoppmyth which you
> can boot and run the frontend off the cd. Therefore you can use a
> windows computer because nothing gets installed for the frontend.

Thats actually not for me. I told a friend that i was pondering building a 
MythTV-box, he was a bit intrigued, but wanted to know if he could build one 
as well, and stream video via WLAN to his laptop. But my friend is really a 
Windows-only user, so, if there isnt a stable-and-native solution, it 
probably isnt for him yet.

> The other popular choice is Fedora Core because there is a tutorial
> based around it. I would recommend you go with whatever you are used
> to.

I think ill try Debian here as well, i am guessing that it cant really be 
THAT hard,.

Thanks for the input!

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