[mythtv-users] anyone tried a vga -> scart adapter for watching TV ?

Stephen Williams stephen.gw at gmail.com
Thu Oct 21 12:42:52 UTC 2004

> The solution works very well, except I hit a problem with the nvidia
> drivers (something that I have reported to nvidia and have had no response
> - - maybe the people using plasma screens with VGA inputs can confirm if
> this is also a problem for them):  When running the VGA output of my
> Nvidia MX440 in interlaced mode, all video/graphics output through XV got
> halved in resolution.  i.e. the video was physically the right size, but
> it had half the number of pixels it should have had (vertically at least),
> leaving it rather blocky.  The even more odd thing was that it wasn't just
> making sure both fields are the same - if I feed it a 100 pixel high
> video, resized to full screen it only renders it with a resolution of 50
> pixels high (resized to full screen).
> So since nVidia haven't bothered to acknowledge or fix the bug, I'm back
> to using the svideo output of the card for now, which isn't quite as
> sharp.

Strange, i'm currently using a convertor built from the design on your
site without any problems. I'm using the Nvidia 6106 drivers (in
interlaced node) with my MX440, i'm also using XV. The results look
great, a vast improvement over the s-video output from the card. I'm
really not seeing the halving of the vertical resolution you're
experiencing. In fact, the output is noticably superior to the RGB
scart image i'm getting from my native DVB-T STB (Sony VTX-D800).

You may want to make some additons to your site though, I required
voltages at SCART pins 8 and 16 before my TV would accept and display
the signal correctly. See
http://www.proav.de/data/cables/scart-pinout.html for the correct
voltage levels for these pins.


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