[mythtv-users] Re: Matrox G550 TV output

Martin Ebourne lists at ebourne.me.uk
Thu Oct 21 08:19:53 UTC 2004

On Thu, 2004-10-21 at 03:04, cythraul wrote:
> Before running matrox-tvout, my .xinittv loads mythtv (using
> autologin) on the first head while the second head is still blank.
> After running matrox-tvout, the first head still goes black (but the
> monitor is still receiving something as it does not automaticaly power
> off) and the second head only has a desktop.
> If I kill the front end from a remote console and start the frontend
> from the second head, mythtv starts.

This problem is simple - myth has started on the monitor not the tv.
You'll need to make sure it starts on the tv instead, using -display or
-geometry. Not sure which, I start it from the task bar manually at the

> Now, that is weird since Xinerama is off and Clone is on in the
> ServerLayout (using your config file: )

I'm not sure the clone option is even valid. It's obviously not working
for you, and the mga man page doesn't mention such an option. Check the
log to see if it gets parsed.

> I've modified matrox-tvout.c (0x8a:0x2c to 0x8a:0x0d).
> Note: I don't mind at all that the first head goes black as I don't
> usualy connect a monitor -- just a TV, I was just wondering if it
> could be a symptom of the problem.

Probably matrox-tvout has overwritten settings on your first head and
killed the picture on it. It set the monitor to DVI for me which lost
picture. Not sure if that's what the 0x8a is trying to fix, looks like
it wasn't the whole solution though.

I don't think this is a symptom of the other problem.

> When trying to Watch TV the screen goes blue. I've exported NO_XV=1 to
> disable Xvideo since I compiled Myth with it. Is there a way that Myth
> needs to be compiled? Right now I include DVB support, OSS, X11 and xv
> support (but disabling it with NO_XV)

Odd. I'm using Axel's rpms which have pretty much everything in. I'm
using dvb. XV is disabled automatically by myth on the second head and
runs with it on the first head. I can force it off with NO_XV but don't
need to.

Check the terminal messages you run myth from - it tells you if it
disables XV. Maybe you have a different problem.

> Btw, I've patched matrox-tvout.c as described in you earlier post. I
> have not seen a visual difference. Was it indended so?

There is a visual difference but maybe it's not so obvious. The
text/fonts should look a lot better for starters. The picture is better
too, but on a normal tv picture it's more subtle.

> Thanks for your work on this project, I still hold the hope that my
> G550 will eventually be put to use. :)

I think we're getting there! I'm finally using mine at last, though the
motion is not yet smooth.



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