[mythtv-users] NForce2 PSU and Motherboard Poll

Dave david.collett at dart.net.au
Thu Oct 21 03:49:59 UTC 2004

My Motherboard is an Albatron KM18G-Pro (micro-ATX)

It has all 3 PCI cards full:
1x Nova-t DVB
1x DVICO Fusion-Lite DVB
1x PCI 802.11g wireless card(prism54)
I have 2x 120Gb Seagate HDD's

A fairly loaded system...

I have extremly cheap micro atx "300W" PSU...

Since I added the second DVB card and the second HDD. The machine often
boots into a state where I get DMA timeouts, causing 10sec freezes every
30sec or so :) This usually happens when cold booting. If I reboot the
system, it is usually ok again. Once it boots ok, it will work
flawlessly until shutdown.

I am absolutely, positively, 99.99% sure this behaviour is PSU related,
I have ordered a 400W Zalman which should arrive soon. Hence I think the
suggestion of 300-350W is reasonable. I think that the quality of the
PSU is important too. I have little doubt that if I had a DECENT 300W
PSU, my system would be fine.

For the record, the mobo does NOT have the separate 12V plug, neither
does my desktop mobo, an Albatron KX18D-Pro2 (full ATX nforce2). I have
had never had a problem with that board, it uses a good quality 400W
PSU. I think that if a board is designed and implemented correclty to
only require the regular connector, it should work perfectly. For some
manufacturers, perhaps it is easier/cheaper to require the second


On Wed, 2004-10-20 at 12:21 -0700, Yan-Fa Li wrote:
> Just a question of personal interest.  Of those of you running an 
> NForce2 based myth system that is stable:
> 	a) how big is your power supply unit ?  What make is it ?
> 	b) does your motherboard have the newer separate 12V connector ?
> 	   What model is it ?
> The general advice is a 300-350W Power Supply for Athlon XPs.  Is this 
> what people are doing ?
> My mythbackend is currently running:
> 	old PC Power & Cooling Deluxe ATX 450W with fan modifications
> 	ECS N2U400A/Sempron 2800 with 12V CPU Connector
> 	Kernel 2.4.27
> I got a good deal with the mb at Fry's :D  I'm also a bit paranoid and 
> have my mythbox sitting behind a UPS.  Anybody else taking this kind of 
> precaution ?
> Yan
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