[mythtv-users] Getting VIA graphics to work, or buy a PVR-350?

Jarod Wilson jcw at wilsonet.com
Wed Oct 20 23:49:53 UTC 2004

On Wednesday 20 October 2004 12:28, Maarten wrote:
> > > Fine except for that the OP specifically said he uses a VIA Epia
> > > M10000. Good luck inserting ANY vga card in that board as it has only
> > > one slot, which is PCI and obviously in use by the capturecard.  So
> > > your advice is worthless.
> >
> > While I agree it isn't quite the best advice for an EPIA, you *can* have
> > multiple PCI cards on these boards with a riser, so it isn't completely
> > worthless, just mostly. A better suggestion would be to use the latest
> > unichrome stuff, since its getting pretty good. I plan to go down that
> > road myself in the near future...
> >
> > > (when will people start reading... sigh)
> >
> > And when will people stop giving exasperated replies that aren't entirely
> > accurate... :-)

I should have just left that off. Couldn't resist though, just having some 
fun. I agree that "get an FX5200" is not a good suggestion for an EPIA. Just 
wanted to make things perfectly clear.

> Fair enough. :-)  But let's not forget that your whole rebuttal depends on
> A) whether said FX5200 card is even available in a PCI form

This is one of ten such cards on newegg's site:

> B) whether the OP has a casing that can/will accomodate a risercard

He didn't say, but that isn't the point. You said "Good luck inserting ANY vga 
card in that board as it has only one slot, which is PCI and obviously in use 
by the capturecard." I was simply intending to refute your claim that an EPIA 
board can only take one PCI card.

> C) whether the OP wanted that answer instead of help with his setup.

Personally, I wouldn't ask a question of this mailing list "wanting" a 
specific answer (hoping for the answer I want to hear, yes), I'd be open to 
listening to any suggestions anyone had...

> D) whether the OP wants to spend the extra money on the card+riser

Maybe he already has one. Maybe he didn't even know the riser existed, and is 
further enlightened by knowing of its existence now. The OP didn't 
specifically say anything about their willingness to spend money, so you 
can't assume one way or the other, but the cost of the riser card plus a 5200 
is less than the cost of buying a 350, which the OP already said he was 

Just trying to get all the facts and options out there correctly.

Jarod C. Wilson, RHCE
jcw at wilsonet.com

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