[mythtv-users] Re: X runs at 90-95%CPU

Alan Anderson andersonas at adelphia.net
Wed Oct 20 22:49:22 UTC 2004

The chaintech appeared to be popular which is one reason I choose it.  Its 
possible the memory was part of the problem and I could have cooked 
something  It got real toasty with the fans running slow.  Im going through 
the mail order tech support trouble shooting process.  I found the bad 
memory a new one is being shipped.  Once that arrives I'll test with a 
spare disk then try it on a mandrake 10 system.  It is still fails im gonna 
lean on then for a new (uncooked) mother board, they deny connecting the 
fans to the wrong power supply.

Fedora Core 1
Kernel 2.4.22-1.2199.nptl_52.rhfc1.atcustom   Tuner patches to support 
newer pvr-250MCE tuner type.
ivtv 0.19 same tuner patches and cardtype patches
No apic in the kernel.

The memory problem was found after I swapped the motherboard.  I did have 
issues wth the chaintech running Mythtv a 2700+ cpu and DDR333 memory 
underclocked FSB 100MHZ.  Even tried the on-board nvidia graphics (which 
cannot be used with a 3200+ cpu).  The same cpu and memory running in the 
KT400 MB

Since mythtv is ok with the kt400 and the wife approval factor has gone up. 
  a notch or two in the past few weeks I'll leave it alone at least for a 

If your the Jarod that wrote the install guide then thanks abunch couldnt 
have done this with out that guide.

Alan Anderson
andersonas at adelphia.net
Linux is user friendly.
Its just real picky about who its friends are.

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