[mythtv-users] weird one - channel.pl not working inside myth

mythtv at codepoets.ca mythtv at codepoets.ca
Wed Oct 20 21:46:03 UTC 2004

> On 10/09/2004 12:35 PM, Jeff K wrote:
>> Does anyone have any ideas on this?  I'm still stuck on it.
>> Thanks again!
>> Jeff
>> mythtv at codepoets.ca wrote:
>>> I just rebuilt my myth box.  I wanted to upgrade to FC2 and myth to
>>> .16.  No
>>> problems with the install, but I'm having problems with my IR
>>> blaster.  I
>>> havne't got the blaster working in any capacity yet, but I'm really
>>> close. Here's the problem;  I can run channel.pl <channel number>
>>> from the command
>>> line and it changes the channel on my satellite receiver with no
>>> problem. However, when I try and run it from myth (I set the path +
>>> script in
>>> mythsetup), the blaster flashes, tries to change the channel, but
>>> nothing
>>> happens.  I try changing the channel by typing it into the mythTV
>>> module, the
>>> IR blaster flashes and the tuner doesn't change.  Really weird.
>>> I set up channel.pl to log the channel I'm changing it to, and that
>>> works ok. It knows which channel I'm trying to change, but still
>>> nothing doing.  Anyone
>>> have any ideas?  Is this a weird path thing?  Do I need to set some
>>> strange
>>> path?
>>> I had a brainwave.  I tried to set the channel in /etc/rc.local to
>>> see what
>>> would happen.  Same thing - when I rebooted, the blaster flashed, the
>>> channel
>>> didn't change and it logged the right channel.
>>> Anyone have any ideas?
>>> Thanks in advance for your help!
> It works from the command line, but not inside Myth?  Are you running it
> from the command line as the same user that's running Myth or as root?
> If it works for root, but not for other users, it's possible your users
> do not have access to accurate enough timing information to make the IR
> signal work properly.  Try executing:
> echo 1024 > /proc/sys/dev/rtc/max-user-freq
> as root and then testing the channel change as a non-root user.
> HTH.
> Mike

Hi Mike -

I didn't notice your reply.  Thanks for the idea.  It's still doing the
same thing.  I've noticed that my change channel script works before I
start myth, but doesn't work after I start my myth frontend and try to
change the channels.  I have to reboot the machine to see the change
channel script work.


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