[mythtv-users] Adventures in sound

Paul Barker pbarker at ntlworld.com
Wed Oct 20 21:29:30 UTC 2004

Well what an interesting weekend I had - rebuilt my combined front /
backend no less than 3 times !
I'm back to working again but I'm stuck with a problem I had ages ago
concerning the VIA 82xx sound on my mobo.
What happens is whne I go into live TV I get no sound. The problem is
caused by the IEC channels on the soundcard. There are 3: IEC958 (a
switch), IEC958 Output (a switch) and IEC978 AC97-SPSA (a slider).
Everytime LiveTV starts the IEC958 switch gets turned on. This causes
the lack of sound. If I run alsamixer and turn it off or run alsactl
restore from another terminal the sound comes back, until I exit LiveTV
and come back in.
I've thought it might be a build problem so I rebuild the alsa mods from
source but I get the same problem.
Am I missing something really silly ?
I've got a work around in which is a script which checks the status of
the IEC958 switch every 5 secs and turns it off if its on using amixer
but its a bit of a hack. I did fix this when I first built the system
but I just can't remember what finally cured it.
I've tried running both the back and front ends in consoles with verbose
logging on and couldnt see anything bad, neither in dmesg or
I'm running FC2 with the 2.4.22-1.2199.nptl-52.rhfc1.at kernel from
atrpms and the box was built as per Mr Wilson's guide (Jarrod - cant say
thanks enough (again) !) except for alsa which I build from source. The
only other things I've done are a channel load script to populate the
channel table and a renamed second lirc install to control my SkyDigi
Sat box.
Does anyone have any ideas,suggestions, etc or should I just live with
the workaround ?

Paul Barker	 	

pbarker at ntlworld.com
IM: spookt2000 at yahoo.co.uk 	

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