[mythtv-users] Answers about pcHDTV HD-3000 support in Myth, QAM support, and more

Brandon Beattie brandon+myth at linuxis.us
Wed Oct 20 21:27:14 UTC 2004

> > signal, downconverts it to baseband, then demodulates it into the
> > broadcast MPEG stream and spews it over the PCI bus.
> ...so, under Myth, does that mean the card would be configured as two 
> separate devices?  i.e., /dev/video0 for the ATSC feed, and /dev/video1 
> as a standard V4L tuner?  If that's the case, can both be used 
> simultaneously?
> -JAC

No, there is only 1 tuner in the card, the driver just sends data to one
of those two devices for reading from.  ATSC is minor 32, so it's
/dev/video32 unless someone has set things up differently.


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