[mythtv-users] Wife Acceptance Factor question: dealing with crashes

Preston Crow pc-mythtv04 at crowcastle.net
Wed Oct 20 21:16:28 UTC 2004

On Wed, 2004-10-20 at 16:52, Ryan Steffes wrote:
> Yes, you should worry about the crashes!  It's not par for the course,
> and there's probably a cause we can help you diagnose and fix.  Are
> there any messages on the console?  Try logging the mythfrontend
> output and check the backend log to try and find where your crashes
> are occur.  If it isn't immediately obvious, look in the howto for
> what to do correctly report a crash.

Does someone have a wrapper script for gdb that will run mythfrontend,
and if it crashes, generate the necessary backtraces, save them in a
file, and exit (or restart)?

If I'm not expecting a crash, especially if it's not easily repeatable,
I won't have gdb running, so having it there always would help generate
better error reports.

I suppose I should investigate scripting options with gdb and implement
this once I get a chance if someone doesn't already have a good


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