[mythtv-users] nvidia tv-out - how do you do it? Better, but not there yet.

Brad Fuller bradallenfuller at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 20 19:08:41 UTC 2004

Yan-Fa Li wrote:

> If you started two X servers, each should be individually addressable 
> and setting the DISPLAY variable before starting mythtv should send it 
> to the correct display.  Try:
>     export DISPLAY=localhost:0
>     mythfrontend
>     [exit myth]
> and
>     export DISPLAY=localhost:1
>     mythfrontend
>     [exit myth]
> this should send mythtv both displays, one at a time and then you can 
> hardcode that value into a startup script.
> Yan

Thanks Yan. That sounds easy enough.
When I do the above, I receive:
"mythfrontend: cannot connect to X server localhost:0"

I tried the local host's name and it's IP address with the same result. 
Do I need to install something in the xorg.conf? Or maybe a modification 

(Obviously, I am not familar with mythtv and X server errors)


>> Now, I have a two x displays: one for my monitor at 1280 and one for 
>> the tv at 800x.
>> My next problem is to find out how to display MythTV output on the 
>> TV. The only option that I found in mplayer to do this was xinerama. 
>> But, when I set this to ON in xorg.conf and restart x I get an error 
>> that RANDR crashed.
>> First of all, I don't know if this is the right or wrong way to push 
>> MythTV output to the second monitor (TV).
>> Or, if there is a better way.
>> Anyone?
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