[mythtv-users] mythtv newcomer.. need help setting up live tv

Christopher Flynn flynnguy at gmail.com
Wed Oct 20 16:59:32 UTC 2004

According to the Hauppauge web page, the pvr-350 is a "125 channel
cable ready TV tuner" and therefore should be able to record any cable
signal digital or otherwise. Now for the disclaimer... *I don't have
digital cable anymore so I can't test this* however when I did have
digital cable (before my mythtv box) I had my main tv hooked up to the
cable box and then a second tv hooked directly to the wall outlet. It
was a very old TV and I just hooked it up to the coaxial inputs where
I would normally plug in the cable and it worked. If I remember
correctly there were some channels I couldn't get but I did get some
and that should still work for your PVR-350 as well.

Secondly, worst case scenario, you can take the lead that normally
goes to your TV, split it and send one to the card and the other to
the tv. Then you can either use a serial port to controll the cable
box or an ir blaster that will send an ir signal to the cable box to
tell it to change channels. So your PVR-350 was not a bad purchase.

As a test I would try taking the cable from the wall and hooking it
directly up to your TV. If it doesn't work with the cable box then you
will need to split your cablebox output. If it does work (even on a
limited basis) then you can use it that way for testing purposes and
then if you don't have all the channels that way you can then move to
the irblaster/cablebox method after you get basic functionality

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