[mythtv-users] Question before I buy a PVR350 or 250

Kevin dePfyffer listman at depfyffer.com
Wed Oct 20 15:45:48 UTC 2004

Since I'm recording a lot more shows now and know I can spit out working
DVD's I would like to remove the 5 hour encoding time for a 30min cartoon.
(currently using TV Wonder VE card)
Do I have to use nuvexport (DVD) on a show recorded with the PVR 350
before I put it on a dvd? What about the 250? Are there any other cards
out there that will allow me to create a playable dvd that will work on a
standard dvd player without encoding?
Thanks for the input.
Sorry, I know this has been beaten to death.
Should we have a FAQ for the complete Idiot section on mythtv.org

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