[mythtv-users] [Mythweb] Helpers want -- Mythmusic updates RFC

Ryan Steffes rbsteffes at gmail.com
Wed Oct 20 14:39:23 UTC 2004

I'm asking for some help thoroughly testing some additions I've made
to the mythmusic side of mythweb.  I've added some rudimentary
playlist controls to the mythmusic page, and I'd like some comments on
how they can be made better and more intuitive.  I've avoided adding
any scripting thusfar, but that may be necessary.  I'm still mulling
how to do a decent and convenient job of reordering playlists.

NOTE 1:  This WILL currently break any theme but "Default", because
that's just the one I use.

NOTE 2:  PLEASE back up your database before you use this.  It should
be safe, but I'm not holding myself responsible if it isn't!

Let me know any errors you get, or suggestions you have!  This patch
will be running off my home server, so if it doesn't load it probably
means my computer is down, unless someone else wants to volunteer to
host until I get it into a good enough state to submit.

Functionality Actions added:

Create a Playlist - Type a name in the box on the right, select Create
a Play List
- optionally select songs before creating and they will be added to the new list
Rename a Playlist - Select a list on the left and type a new name on
the right, selecting songs does nothing
Remove a Song from a Playlist - Select a list on the left and load it,
select songs to remove
* Known issue: If you change the list after you load the list, it will
try and remove the song from the list that is currently selected, not
the one you may be looking at.
* Known issue: I'm not entirely positive if it will remove all
instances of a song or just the one, needs more testing
Add songs to a Playlist - Select on the left, check the songs you want
and click update
* Known issue: Adds them in ID order, no current provision for reordering



cd to your mythweb directory
cvs -z3 update
bunzip2 patch-mythmusic.bz2
patch -p0<patch-mythmusic

Again, please let me know any issues you run into.

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