[mythtv-users] mythtv newcomer.. need help setting up live tv

Evan Burrows eburrows at gmail.com
Wed Oct 20 12:43:18 UTC 2004

ok to answer some of the questions.. I have my cable input running to
a splitter ( i am too cheap to buy another tuner card.  So one runs to
my cable box and the other to my myth box.

I am at work right now but once i get home i will give everything you
guys said a shot.

Is the ivtv driver needed for just tv out or do you need it to view
stuff on your computer monitor as well?

>Also, it's very important that you have the video source and input connected
>properly in mythsetup.  Make sure you define the video source and name it
>something in step 3 (I think) and then make sure you connect that video
>source to the tuner input of your video card in step 4.  If that's not done
>properly nothing will work correctly.

I created a source called cable and set everything up for that in
setup.  I believe that i did all that right. In step 4 i already tried
setting the tuner input connection to the cable input and then fired
up mythtv and still got that black screen that i mentioned in my first

>That's bad... is mythbackend running? Is mysql running? Did you run

Does mythbackend need to be running to fire up mythfrontend?  Can
mythfrontend start if the backend isn't running?  Sorry if these are
stupid questions.  I believe that i just followed Jarods directions
and don't remember anything going wrong with that.  Mysql is running
and i did a mythfilldatabase and can see all my tv listings so since i
can see the listing does that mean that mythbackend is running or are
those two separate entities?

>What happens when you let it sit there with the black screen for a
>while? Do you cancel it with Ctrl-C or does it give you an error.
>Remember, there is a buffer that takes a second or so to buffer and if
>your sound isn't set up right then it will try to access the sound and
>then give you a message that basically says there's no sound but you
>can choose to watch video with no sound.

I just sat there and the screen stayed black.  I had to close down
mythfrontend through the task bar at the botton on the screen.  After
i did that I took that shot of what was happening in the terminal
where i started mythfrontend and it gave me the errors that I posted.

I will give the stuff you guys said a shot when i get home.  I will
try to start mythbackend again and see if that was the problem. I just
wasn't sure that since i started the process in Jarods guide for tvout
on the pvr-350 that it changed settings so that my monitor isn't
receiving the feed anymore.  Maybe it is working but since cards tvout
is not connected to my tv at this time I just can't view anything. 
Would there be anything special that i needed to do just to view the
live tv on my monitor?  In that error log i sent you guys it said that
it was using the tvout on the 350 card, would i be able to view the
live tv on both my monitor and tv at the same time assuming that all
the cables were hooked up to the tv?

I appreciate the help guys

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