[mythtv-users] Weather add on

Jon Reynolds jonr at destar.net
Wed Oct 20 10:48:48 UTC 2004

I cannot update my weather settings, I initially set it up during my first run
through after install. I must have made a mistake because it never gets my data,
I always get the message about timed out hit ok to try in 20 seconds then 30
seconds and so on. When I use the frontend to go into the options menu then to
Information and to weather, it gives me the same error. So I cant change my
settings in the frontend options menu. On the frontend it says Invalid area no
server, or something similiar.

Is there a config file that I can edit or is there some way to reset this? If it
is in mysql, can someone give me a hand with that because I dont understand it.

Thanks for any help,


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