[mythtv-users] S-video cable length?

Bill Chmura Bill at Explosivo.com
Wed Oct 20 04:31:08 UTC 2004

I've seen S-Video cables for sale up to 150' long.  Although I can't image 
that there would not be some sort of signal degradation over that long a run.  
I have not done that long myself.   I don't think there is a max length so to 
speak, but there is probably a limit at which you need to amplify or go to a 
different kind of cable then convert back.

But in your case, 20 feet, you should be fine if you get a good quality cable 
that long.   A good quality 25' cable should run between $30-40 USD.  I would 
avoid really cheap ones.   You could spend more on professional A/V stuff 
(like $75 or so) but that could be overkill for ya.

Best of luck

On Tuesday 19 October 2004 11:58 pm, Andy Firman wrote:
> I just bought the PVR-350 card as I want to do a standard
> MythTV setup on my Debian server/desktop and watch my recordings
> on our 32" TV.  The S-video cable is very short.  I was hoping to
> have my Debian box at a desk that is about 20 feet away from the TV.
> I can easily run coax to the Debian box.  What is the max length
> for S-video cable runs?
> Thanks,
> Andy

Bill Chmura - www.fistfullofcode.com & www.explosivo.com

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