[mythtv-users] Cutting commercials when transcoding some shows, but not others....

Nathan Richardson nathan.richardson at gmail.com
Wed Oct 20 03:57:03 UTC 2004

I'm running MythTV .16 on a Pundit box, FC2, with dual PVR-250s.
Pretty standard setup, from what I can gather reading this list.

Anyway, I am currently transcoding all of my MPEG2 recordings to save
space and cut commercials. To be honest, I haven't actually gotten the
commercial cutting to work. I get significantly smaller MPEG4 files (I
am going from about 4000kbps MPEG2 to 1800mbps MPEG4, 480x480) - but
these files still have commercials.

This isn't really my question, though, since I'm sure this is my
fault/something I can figure out by searching the archives here.

What I HAVEN'T seen any info on is whether I can transcode ALL files,
but only cut the commercials on some of them. To be specific, the
commercial detection works perfectly (95+% accuracy) on every show I
watch except Law and Order. Something about the blanking  of frames
between scenes on that show really screws with every detection setting
I've tried, resulting in false positives (whole scenes marked as
commercials). What I would like to do is transcode Law and Order,
leaving the commercials in, while cutting them from all my other

One thought I had was using a different recording profile for L&O, but
there don't seem to be any options for commercial handling there. I
could turn off transcoding entirely, but I'd rather not do that since,
right now, that one show makes up half my recordings (its one of the
few shows my girlfriend and I will both watch).

Failing that, has anyone had luck getting commercials detected
correctly in this show? I figure its a popular one, so if it can be
done, someone here has figured it out.

Also, if anyone has a link to a specific thread or search term to find
info on why my commercials aren't getting cut while transcoding, I'd
appreciate it. They ARE being flagged, since they will skip if I turn
that on, but they are definitely still there in the mpeg4 file.


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