[mythtv-users] Still stumped on mythmusic

William wmunson at rochester.rr.com
Tue Oct 19 22:11:11 UTC 2004

> My problem with both mythmusic is that it can't seem to find 
> any of my music or video files.  In the Select Music section, 
> I see four options (from memory), [] ALL MUSIC, (Something 
> about) CD, Active Playlist, Active Queue.  None of these 
> options have submenus.
> As a first troubleshooting step I checked directories.  
> mythmusic expects music in /home/music/ and file template is: 
> FilenameTemplate  
>              | ARTIST/ALBUM/TRACK-TITLE  my directory 
> structure is such that it goes: 
> /home/music/ARTIST/ALBUM/TRACK so that looks right to me.  My 
> second step I need to ask for help on, should there be a 
> seperate table to hold the mythmusic info?  In the mythmusic 
> source directory there is a directory musicdb which contains 
> some old conversion scripts. In this directory is a README 
> file that refers to:
> If you are installing mythmusic for the first time, you just 
> need to execute the main metadata.sql script as described in 
> ../README and in the online documentation
> Except it IS NOT described in the readme OR in the online 
> documentation.  I took this to mean it was a deprecated step, 
> but I'm wondering if that problems I have are caused by this.
> My database looks like this:

I have a musicmetadata and musicplaylist table in my database. As far as I
know they were created the first time I scanned my music folder (after
uploading 4+GB of mp3s). I have also been able to rip cd's.

One thing that confounded me for a while was the e-ide dvd writer I have
uses scsi emulation and was mapped to /dev/scd0. Things just didnt work
right until I changed the setup away from the /dev/dvd and /dev/cdrom
defaults. I had created symbolic links to the drive but for some reason it
didnt work.

Food for thought....

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