[mythtv-users] Re: Answers about pcHDTV HD-3000 support in Myth, QAM support, and more

Grant Edwards grante at visi.com
Tue Oct 19 19:13:11 UTC 2004

On Tue, Oct 19, 2004 at 01:54:28PM -0400, David George wrote:

> Yes, the ATSC stuff is already MPEG2 which is why the card outputs MPEG2 
> for ATSC.

If the card is outputting MPEG2, why does the web page say that
it requires so much CPU to use it (1.2+ GHz)? Is doing
programmed I/O?  I can't believe it's not capable of bus-master
DMA, but the web page never mentions it.

Grant Edwards
grante at visi.com

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