[mythtv-users] Advice for under-tele box?

Yan-Fa Li yanfali at best.com
Tue Oct 19 17:48:33 UTC 2004

I have two of these cases.  They really are nice, though considerably 
larger than Shuttles or mini-itx based systems.  One is a mythtv box, 
the other a games machine for the missus.  They are a little bit 
ventilation challenged, so getting it quiet enough may be tricky.
No floppy, front mounted flash card reader, firewire, usb and audio 
ports.  Very cool hidden optical drive flap and trendy blue LEDs up front.

The case is also a tad tight to work inside, but Antec build quality is 
excellent.  Standard uATX board, which broadens your choices 
considerably.  Take care what kind of video card you pick as there isn't 
much clearance between the power supply at the AGP slot, so if you pick 
a fanless GPU you might have a very tight fit.
Comes with a 7V blower which takes up a PCI slot.

The HDs come with rubber mounting, just like a harley davidson, which 
dampens drive noise pretty well.  Amazingly can mount up to 3 drives, 
but I wouldn't.  My only concern with the case is the slightly poor 
ventilation, so you have pick your components with that in mind.  Also 
not very much clearance around the power supply so you will need to 
measure the size of any CPU heatsink first.  They are also a little bit 
pricey at around 100USD, since you can get a full size antec case for 
the same money with less gizmos.  However they do serve a particular 
niche and it is uATX not mini-itx which means your upgrade choices are 


Peter Dash wrote:
> If you want a slightly more 'standard' solution (in that it takes
> normal microATX motherboard) have a look at the Antec Aria
> (http://www.antec-inc.com/aria.html) - I'm using one with a Zalman
> quiet CPU cooler and a fanless Nvidia MX4000 with composite tvout and
> 2 dvb cards. It's quiet enough to only be audible when you get very
> close to it and even then it's mostly HD noise (seagate barracuda).
> It's got a celeron 2.4 in it and that is plenty for recording 2
> programs while watching a third. It takes a while to encode for DVD
> though and I don't transcode so I live with skipping commercials
> manually. All in all it works great and got pretty much instant thumbs
> up GirlfriendApprovalFactor (TM).

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